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Site-24 “Black Orchid”/“L'Orchidée Noire”

Division 7 Subject-401 “OUROBOROS”


D7S-401 “OUROBOROS”, 1963.09.27 and 2299.08.30 respectvely.




Subject: CODENAME OUROBOROS “Selene Alessandra Michelle Dévnostraéva”
DOB (Actual): 29 August, 15,208 BCE (17,507 y.o.)
Serq'khetyeva, Aoraqet’ya Dévno (Auracexia Prime), Ascendant Stellar Hegemony of Auracexia.
DOB (Public): 29 August, 1963 CE (337 y.o.)[2]
Moskva, R.S.F.S.R., U.S.S.R.
Spouse: Alexa S. Vassaretti-Dévnostraéva (b. 2217.09.18)
Children: Fiora Selene Alexa Dévnostraéva (b. 2258.11.14)
Residence(s): Johannesburg-Prétoria, South Africa, Californian Empire; 1 Dévnostraeva Tower, Los Angeles, N.C.D., Californian Empire.
Languages: English, Russian, Auracexian
Alma Mater: Cambridge University
Networth: Đ37.26 trillion ($80.1 trillion USD)
Title: CEO of S. A. M. Dévnostraéva International Holdings Group, Ltd. (1996—2273, 2300—Present), President of the Californian Empire (1999.08.01—2240.11.01), Acting President of the Californian Empire (2273.11.19—2275.11.01), Empress of the Californian Empire (2273.11.19—2300.11.14)


Allegiance(s): Soviet Union (1963—1977), United States (1977—1997), Californian Empire (1999—Present)
Years of service: 1963—Present
Rank: Sergeant Major (1963—1977), LCdr., USMC (1977—1984), Adm, USN (1984-1996), Commander-In-Chief, C.E. Armed Forces (1999—2240, 2273—2300)

Expertise: Unarmed combat, small arms combat, expert proficiency with firearms, expert marksman, expert sniper, extreme proficiency with knives and swords, computer systems, finances, military tactician, infiltration, surveillance, combat aviation, fixed wing aircraft, rotor aircraft, naval craft & vessels, aerial & naval weapons systems, combat mechanic, combat medic, proficiency in leadership, military command, political science, business administration and legal affairs.


D7S-401, "Codename Ouroboros" appears to be a mildly-tanned female of European descent, despite blood and tissue samples leading to conclusive evidence suggesting extraterrestrial origin. D7S-401 appears to be in her mid thirties, though she has repeatedly insisted that she is far older in age[3], 180.34 cm (5'11”) tall and approximately 70.3 kg (155 lbs), with dark brown, sometimes blood-red hair and iridescent amber-gold colored eyes. D7S-401 has displayed the uncanny ability to see in low to zero light, and has displayed remarkable intelligence well above the highest recorded IQ tests can measure.

D7S-401, who refers to herself as “Selene”, is generally polite and genial to all who speak to her, though she has been described as being cold and somewhat mechanical in her speech. She is very helpful, and enjoys aiding personnel in their daily actions, whatever they may be. Initially, D7S-401 displayed detachment in regards to humanity as she considers herself an outsider, due to having slept for well over two centuries, she feels at a disconnect due to her lack of information about the current era. Through several forms of media, D7S-401 has immersed herself in the history covering the period when she had been asleep. Doing so has eased some sense of detachment.

D7S-401 prefers the company of women, as she repeatedly claimed that human women resemble her race more closely than men, she has highly detailed knowledge of ancient history up to the year 1797, and most commonly spoken languages in the world, including ones that have since died out. D7S-401 possesses an eidetic memory and has been able to recount her history from 2963 BCE up to the date she went to sleep in the year 1797. D7S-401 has asserted to have arrived on Earth in the year 2963 BCE in Lower Egypt and managed to assimilate into Egyptian culture, several interviews with egyptologists have yielded the information she has provided to be amazingly accurate. D7S-401 has also informed us that she has a sibling who sometime after her arrival on Earth followed her, arriving in Egypt in search of her. D7S-401 has spent time in our library poring through several books, completely reading each book in minutes to hours, she has especially become interested in the fields of political science and political theory.


Subject Codename “Ouroboros” was discovered sleeping in a bedroom of the abandoned Tsaritsyno Palace outside of Moscow in the Soviet Union in late 1963. At approximately 1635 hours on 29 August, 1963 D7S-401 was awakened by Soviet police forces after they had followed a fleeing criminal into the palace. Due to the size of the palace, and it being abandoned, more police forces were called in to aid in the search of the building. During the sweep of the building in search of the aforementioned criminal, D7S-401 was found in a bedroom in the west wing of the palace, sleeping on a four-post bed that had been obviously constructed in the mid to late 1770s. Due to the police forces believing she was a vagrant who had snuck into the palace and had been squatting, she was awakened violently without regard and taken into custody during which time she was taken to a facility where she was detained. Upon being unable to determine her identity, calls were made to several internal agencies, and through several interviews the GRU later had her transferred to a facility outside of Penza.

Upon arrival at a facility outside of Penza, accomodations were made to suit her comfortably, along with a change of new clothing, as at the time she was detained she was still wearing clothing that would have been appropriate in the late 1770s. Upon initial contact she demanded in perfect, if not archaic Russian to speak to the individuals who had removed her from where she had been. Upon speaking with her at length, Dr. ██████ █████ explained that the police forces were under the assumption that she was a vagrant squatting in the palace, upon further interviews, disclosed that she had found Tsaristyno Palace in 1797 and after discovering the palace had been abandoned, entered and found a bedroom in the west wing of the palace to sleep. Having gone unnoticed and uninterrupted in her sleep, she'd simply remained asleep until when she was presently awakened. Subsequent interviews have revealed that after she arrived in Lower Egypt, she remained there until the decline of the kingdom and travelled to various empires on the Eurasian continent taking up residence in each one and only departing after they've declined or collapsed. D7S-401 went on to detail her most recent places of residence to the present were the Most Serene Republic of Venice, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and finally the Russian Empire.

Later in December 1963, D7S-401 was approached with the offer to pledge allegiance to the Soviet Union and serve in the Red Army, she graciously accepted and went through training, eventually over time achieving the rank of Sergeant Major. After a period of service with the Red Army of the Soviet Union, D7S-401 went absent and completely vanished from the country in late 1977, only to turn up in the United States calling herself “Selene Alessandra Michelle Dévnostraéva”. Most infuriating to her superiors and the command of the Red Army and the politicians of the Soviet Union was the fact that she had managed to exit the country without being noticed. Plans had been devised to either have the United States return her to the Soviets, or to have KGB agents infiltrate the United States and to secure her and bring her back. However, these plans were soon discarded after learning that she had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at a rank equivalent to that of Sergeant Major and had begun to slowly climb in rank.


Observations of D7S-401 have revealed in 1984 she had attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and had gone from enlistment in the USMC to enlisting in the United States Navy over which time she continued climbing in rank to the rank of Admiral. At some point in 1994, D7S-401 entered politics in the State of California and became a Senator for the state of California. When World War III began in Europe in mid-1996, D7S-401 spoke publicly displaying aversion to war, showing distaste towards both sides of the conflict. Mid-1996 saw rise of political tensions within the United States as several in Congress including herself vehemently rejected intervention in the conflict believing that NATO had the conflict well in control, despite later revelations that the Soviet Union shown no involvement in the war, due to their economic woes domestically, evidence proved the People's Republic of China had been providing finances and materiel support to the Balkan Peninsula, as well as to Iraq, Pakistan and North Korea in an effort to draw the United States into conflict. When the efforts paid off with North Korea ending the 1953 Ceasefire Agreement and pushing past the DMZ, the United States became involved in the conflict in the renewed Korean War, while Pakistan began a conflict with India over Kashmir, Iraq declared war on Iran in March as well as invading Kuwait in April, respectively. After the bombing of Aviano Air Base in Italy and heavily damaging the USS Carl Vinson in the Mediterranean, the United States officially became committed to the war in Europe in September 1997.

While the war dragged on in multiple locations around the world, rising political tensions within the United States reached a breaking point, when in a show of defiance on October 15, 1997, the state of California recalled their members of Congress, within days, prompting the states of Hawai'i, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Nevada to follow suit. Through the remainder of 1997, what followed began a series of events that culminated in the state of California's declaration of independence in November 1999, with the aforementioned five states following suit over the next month. By 2000, D7S-401 had become elected to the position of the President of the Republic of California.

Agent Chartreuse has maintained observation of D7S-401 through her political career and has reported that at some point in 2239, while President of the Federated Republic of California, D7S-401 married a woman, Alexa S. Vassaretti, who would go on to become her successor as President in 2240. D7S-401 and Ms. Vassaretti maintained a relationship through the latter’s presidency, even going on to have a child with her, a daughter named Fiora in 2258. After having left the political arena in 2258, D7S-401 went to Johannesburg-Pretoria in South Africa to reside until conflict brought her back to Los Angeles in 2273. Between November 19, 2273 to November 1, 2275 she served as the Acting President of the Californian Empire following the impeachment and removal of the 4th President of the Californian Empire, Natalya S. Kensington.

In the aftermath of the impeachment and imprisonment of President Kensington, strong sentiment in the C.E. Parliament sought to create an office above that of the President so that an abuse of power as in the case of former president Kensington, would not be allowed to be repeated. Despite wanting no part of the creation of this new office, by petition of President of the Senate Selena H. DeWinter and a supermajority vote in Parliament, On November 15, 2273 the office of Empress of the Californian Empire was created, and the Constitution amended giving the Empress powers above that of the President as well as some that previously, required a sitting president to acquire via the consent of Parliament.

D7S-401, despite being reluctant to accept the position, was crowned as Empress of the Californian Empire on November 19, 2273. As a consequence of being Empress, out of avoiding a conflict of interest, she stepped down as CEO of S. A. M. Dévnostraéva International Holdings Group, Ltd.[4], naming her daughter Fiora as the new CEO. D7S-401, through her time as CEO of S. A. M. Dévnostraéva International Holdings Group, Ltd and as President and later Empress of the Californian Empire has demonstrated an increased proficiency in corporate leadership, executing corporate takeovers, mergers, buy-outs, acquisitions and liquidations, becoming incredibly wealthy in the process.

Agent Chartreuse has observed D7S-401 in meetings both public and private with some high-caliber politicians, most notably those of Britain, the Soviet Union and Japan noting that D7S-401 is attempting to forge some kind of world order through diplomacy.


Through conversations and interviews with Agent Chartreuse it has been noted that D7S-401 came into contact with an individual, herein referred to only as Adam, in May 1776 and with other individuals founded the ██████████. When asked about a portrait of herself painted at some time in the 1760s hanging in a museum in Venice, D7S-401 seemed indifferent to the painting, even showing amusement that it had survived to the present. Further questioning has revealed that she has maintained possession of a ring, which had been given to her at the founding of the ██████████ to signify not only her membership, but as one of its founders and upper echelon. When further inquiry was made, she grew silent and declined to speak any further on the subject. Upon a later interview, D7S-401 has revealed that her sibling herein referred to as D7S-402 is somewhere in Egypt, her location being unknown to her save for the general vicinity. D7S-401 maintains that while she does not know the exact location, the topography as well as several geographic markers and landmarks have been either altered, destroyed or rendered unrecognizable by the forces of nature or through the intervention of mankind. She insists though, that D7S-402 is still alive, and is likely in a state of hibernation akin to the state she herself was discovered in.

D7S-401 has disclosed the location of the craft she arrived in to be in the Egyptian desert, buried under several meters of sand, likely allowed to become intentionally buried under sand dunes. D7S-401 stated in a rather matter-of-fact tone that should the second vessel that D7S-402 arrived in be found, her resting place should not be too far from it. D7S-401 provided approximate locations where she dispensed with her clothing and technology to aid in her assimilation into Egyptian culture appearance-wise. Expeditions to the area under the guise of archeology were able to recover the vessel herein referred to as D7M-401A, as well as the various other articles of clothing and technology herein referred to as D7M-401B, D7M-401C, D7M-401D, D7M-401E, and D7M-401F respectively. Upon being taken to the facility housing D7M-401A, D7S-401 was able to command D7M-401A to open, and enter. D7S-401 spent hours detailing the various systems and various interfaces inside the craft. In an effort to help locate D7S-402, D7S-401 activated a system that triggered a response in the craft D7S-402 arrived in, indicating it to be in the southern portion of Egypt near Waset (modern Thebes).

Agent Chartreuse has reported repeatedly, that during interviews with D7S-401 that she has been acutely aware of the observation task force and their investigations, regarding them with indifference, stating with some amusement, that she’d be all the more happy to provide the task force with any and all information needed directly. D7S-401 has even offered to Agent Chartreuse to reveal her true form in private, with Agent Chartreuse courageously taking her up on the offer.

Through recent information from Agent Chartreuse, it has been understood that D7S-401 has abdicated the throne of the Californian Empire to her daughter Fiora on the latter’s birthday, masquerading the event as a birthday celebration which ultimately resulted in D7S-401 crowning her daughter as the new Empress.


Agent Chartreuse has given the following description of D7S-401’s true form as follows: appears to be a mildly-tanned female of Eurasian descent, 218.44 cm (7'2”) tall and approximately 131.54 kg (290 lbs), with blood-red hair and iridescent amber-gold colored eyes. D7S-401 possesses approximately 32 tactile organs, which appear from between the shoulder blades and spinal column, and a retractable reproductive organ just above her female reproductive organ. D7S-401 expressed amusement towards Agent Chartreuse’s trepidation, before reassuring her that she was safe.

D7S-401 went on to elucidate that as a result of her DNA being compatible with Human DNA, her retractable reproductive organ has given her the capacity to reproduce with Human females, citing her daughter Fiora as a result of her marriage with Alexa S. Vassaretti. D7S-401 has proven repeatedly to be seductive towards Agent Chartreuse, with Agent Chartreuse declining any comments in regards to the possibility of a relationship with D7S-401. Agent Chartreuse has in many reports stated that she finds D7S-401 intriguing if not enigmatic at times.

1 Intelligent Species Threat Index.

2 Date of earliest Soviet record.

3 D7S-401 has extrapolated that her date of birth would be 29 August, 15,208 BCE according to our calendar system, putting her at 17,507 years of age.

4 Ouroboros Observation Task Force 17 has conducted an in depth investigation into this corporation, discovering that it has existed under various names throughout history, with the earliest known record being an index on the Amsterdam Bourse (now Euronext) in 1615. In 1996, the total value of stock was applied as the initial investment into the presently named corporation, with stock valued in 2021 at just over 22.33 billion CES ($48 billion USD). Stock dividends as of 2299 have yielded her a networth of just over 37 trillion CES ($80.12 trillion USD), making her one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.